No Spoiled Food Here

Arrange for your refrigerator repairs in Provo, Orem, UT or the surrounding area

Is your freezer struggling to keep your food cold? We can help. Urgent Appliance Service & Repair provides refrigerator and freezer repairs to homeowners and business owners in Provo, Orem, UT and the surrounding area. Our pros will troubleshoot your unit to identify the issue.

Your trust is important to us. If we're unable to repair your freezer or refrigerator, we'll communicate this with you immediately. In that event, you won't be charged for our services.

To receive more information about our repair process, call 385-384-0911.

7 signs you need a refrigerator repair

Do you suspect you might need refrigerator repairs? Here are some clear signs it's time to call our repair technicians:

1. You hear odd noises
2. Your fridge is leaking
3. Your freezer is iced over
4. Your food is spoiling too quickly
5. Your refrigerator motor is always running
6. You feel excessive heat at the back of your unit
7. You notice condensation buildup inside your fridge

The team at Urgent Appliance Service & Repair is committed to delivering top-of-the-line work. Contact us today to arrange for your refrigerator repairs.

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